A Sunday's Dream

A Sunday's dream” is a collection born out of a personal experience, a theatre course that has allowed me to better understand the soul and shades of my adoptive land, the Veneto region, that I've discovered being linked with Shakespeare: as a matter of fact many of his works are set in the Venetian landscape and he made good use of its panoramas, architectures and colors.

The collection title refers to one of the playwright's most important works, “Midnight Summer Dream”, hence the idea of couples representing the young lovers protagonists in the play.

To better express the variety of nuances of the initial mood, I decided to use a Japanese tecnique of fabric dyeing (the shibori, that has allowed me to create unique patterns), as well as thick fabrics sewn with light ones, transparencies and overlappings.

Soft, adaptable, comfortable shapes.

 Painted silks and unicolor wools help describing the ideal day, out of time and seasons, of an enviable, imaginary, comedic couple.